A peer to peer discussion of designers and product experts on your product's user experience.

An invite only free event.

Shortlisted Startups
Should have product/MVP/prototype
2 Members Per Startup
1 Co-founder, 1 Design Lead
1 Moderator + 3 Wow Labz Collaborators

Why UXR?

When our industry is going gaga over startups, funding and how technology will change the world, we lose sight of the people who use our products.
UXRoundtable is Wow Labz' way of slowing down and taking a step back to discuss things that matter to these people.

What is UXR?

A peer to peer discussion about your brand and product experience between UX designers, product experts and product owners. Wow Labz will invite 3 shortlisted Startups, who have a product/mvp/prototype, for UXRoundtable every month.

What happens in UXR?

UXR is a 4 hour event laid out like this.

Who should come for UXR?

UXR is tailored for Startups that have an existing product, an MVP or a prototype. Idea stage startups will not be shortlisted. Discussions in UXR will be around core business assumptions, customer segmentation and workflow re-engineering. To get full value of UXR, we recommend 2 people from your team.

1 Co-founder + 1 Design Lead = 1 Team

What's in it for your product?

  • Insights on taking your mvp/product/prototype/existing product to the next type.
  • User priorities discussions.
  • Potential workflow re-engineering.
  • User research / Validation ideas.
  • A/B testing ideas.
  • User acquisition ideas.
  • Analytics ideas on what to measure.
  • Understanding of UX and Product best practices.
  • Learning from fellow startups.

What UXR is not

  • UXR is NOT a platform to evaluate your UI.
  • UXR is NOT going to do your UX work for you.
  • UXR is NOT a funding platform.
  • UXR is NOT a platform for you to formalize or conceptualize your product idea.
  • UXR is NOT a mentorship program of any sort.
  • UXR is NOT a competition.

UXRoundtable 14

3:00 pm, 19th May 2017

#753, Shri Krishna Temple Road,
Indiranagar 1st Stage, Beside Cakewalk,
Bengaluru 560 038

Registrations Closed
Thank you for registering for UXR 14
We will review your product and get back to you soon.

Register for UXRoundtable 14

3:00 pm, 19th May 2017
#753, Shri Krishna Temple Road,
Indiranagar 1st Stage, Beside Cakewalk,
Bengaluru 560 038
Registration closes
@3:00 pm, 16th May 2017