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All You Need to Know About Decentralised Applications or DApps

Decentralized applications or DApps, as the name suggests, are applications that are not owned and managed by a single authority. It uses blockchain to change how apps and programs have been created so far.

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Smart Contracts Explained

Popularized by the Ethereum blockchain, Smart Contracts are a set of codes designed to perform a set of instructions on the blockchain. They self execute themselves when predefined conditions are met.

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Wow Labz partners with StackOS Decentralised Cloud!

We are extremely thrilled to announce our partnership with StackOS, the decentralized unstoppable cloud, to deploy our exceptional applications! In our relentless endeavour to always find the best solutions for our clients, StackOS fits right into our mission

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Manufacturing Digital Transformation: Top Technologies in 2021

After the COVID-19 pandemic, digital adoption is accelerating in almost every industry and manufacturing is no exception. According to the 2021 Digital Transformation Assessment study conducted by IBM and The Manufacturer, 67% of manufacturers have accelerated digital projects after COVID-19. We explore how digital technologies affect manufacturing with key technologies and trends.

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Digital Transformation Frameworks from Top Consulting Firms

Digital transformation is the use of the latest technologies to enhance existing processes and offer new and improved services and products to customers. It aims to create value by changing how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

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